Private Labeling

At Baker White, we create premium quality nicotine solutions in our certified pharmaceutical grade clean room, assuring that our flavors are of top quality and meet partner standards. Our nicotine is the highest purified on the market. Through our proprietary system, we allow alcohol to evaporate assuring that our products are clean, flavorful and taste great.

Infinitely Customizable Options for You

Our contract manufacturing and private labeling services allow businesses to utilize our e-liquid products in a fully customizable way. We provide full confidentiality, letting you take the spotlight as the main proprietor of the products on your shelves. You can start out with our plain nicotine base and move on from there. We’ll use whatever graphics, label, and packaging that best suits your brand identity and marketing plans. We can help you in the following ways –

  • Turn your e-liquid juice production over to us- We’ll keep your recipes intact by producing them in our innovative pharmaceutical clean room, assuring that they stay the same product that makes your offering truly unique. Simply leave the production up to us!
  • Use our turnkey solution- We’ll let you sell up to 20 of our uniquely pre-made e-liquid flavors.
  • Enter the e-liquid industry with confidence- If you’re in the early steps of creating your business, we’ll assist you as partners in crafting customized flavors that help your company stand out. We’ll also offer to rebrand your existing flavors, keeping their uniqueness, but helping enhance them to reach a high number of consumers as you look to make your mark on the industry.