As pioneers in this industry we have been one of the first to implement many processes, procedures, and practices in all aspects of our day-to-day operations. Our goal has always been to bring a professional presence to the industry by providing the highest quality products to our customers, having full transparency about the ingredients we use, and maintaining best practices in all areas of our business. As such, we have been working hard to create and improve standards since opening the doors in 2013.


Baker White was one of the first to:

  • build a pharmaceutical grade cleanroom for all e-liquid manufacturing
  • begin using Federal cGMP practices before our industry is officially required to do so
  • maintain ISO 14644-1:1999 Class 6 cleanroom certification through 3rd party
  • use child safety caps
  • use tamper evident seals
  • produce “pre-steeped” ready-to-vape e-liquids
  • properly dispose of hazardous waste materials
  • use socially responsible marketing practices
  • build an analytical testing laboratory for quality assurance
  • perform quality assurance tests on raw materials for manufacturing
  • perform quality assurance tests on individual batches for consistency
  • create methods for ingredient testing that Federal and European agencies now require
  • print warning and safety information on all of our labels, including batch and expiration dates