The Baker White culture begins with professionalism and integrity. From the onset, we saw a need in this emerging new market for a company whose core values reflected that of a long standing corporation. A company who professional convictions could effectively contribute to the overall good of the vaping industry.

We believe that working hard is just as important as playing hard, and having this balance is key to our success. We believe providing a safe, welcoming, creative, and fun workplace is conducive to our employee’s happiness. The occasional pizza day is very conducive to this too!

The culture of how we conduct business day to day is that of a large family gathering; a place we all love to be. A place we are accepted. A place we are valued. We definitely believe in having fun while we work and laughing as often as possible, but we also strongly believe in working hard to provide the best products possible to our customers. Our passion for what we do drives the core value of our business

We are pioneers in this innovative new industry, always striving for the best and most effective way to do everything to the best of our abilities. We value the autonomy of our employees in open discussions, creative thinking, new idea generation, and the creation of nuances in our SOP’s. Because of this we are able to gain more and keep all of our stakeholders happy and personally vested in the Baker White culture. How we treat people is a direct reflection of who we are, therefore we are always striving to be down-to-earth, polite, professional, and ethical in all things.