Analytical Testing Laboratory

Why did we build an analytical testing laboratory?

To meet the United States FDA and the European Union’s TPD requirements for ingredient and emission reporting of our products, but there are several other reasons:

  • To do Research and Development and continuously improve our products and manufacturing process. Our goal has always been to produce the best product possible and that only happens by continued R&D.
  • To ensure the products we produce meet our strict internal manufacturing standards. To do this, we must have a method for performing the proper quality assurance procedures so that customers get the same premium quality product they have come to expect from their favorite Baker White flavor.
  • To ensure we continue to comply with the ingredient and emission specification we provide to the FDA and the EU. For us to maintain the level of quality we report we must have a way to continuously test our products for this standard.
  • To ensure raw materials meet our internal specifications and government standard. Producing a consistent product requires maintaining a standard with the raw materials we start with. If there are any variances in these raw materials, it could potentially result in ingredient and emission submissions that are different from those reported.

The reality is that soon this industry will have tighter regulations and we are taking the steps to ensure our business can continue to provide you with premium quality e-liquids. There are very few companies capable of performing the required ingredient testing which mean longer wait times for tests to be completed and data reported back, premium pricing due to industry demand, and potential “rush” fees in order to meet government deadlines. All of these factors add up to higher costs for everyone. We felt that the most efficient and cost effective plan was to build an analytical testing laboratory to perform the necessary tests. This gives us the opportunity to work on our own time schedule and customize the testing required by government agencies.