Defining Premium Since 2013

With so many brands out there claiming to be “premium e-liquid” how do you decipher what that actually means? The definition of premium simply states, exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior in quality.

Exceptional. Superior. Premium. How does Baker White compare to all the ‘others of its kind’? There really is no comparison as far as we are concerned. It starts with the first step and continues on through until the product leaves our facility and lands on the shelves of retailers throughout the world. It means that we take the time, the care, and the effort to produce the highest quality, absolutely best product possible. We do this by sourcing out the highest quality raw materials/ingredients, manufacturing in a proper environment for an inhaled product, and having quality assurance procedures in place to continue to deliver an exceptional product to our customers every day. It also means we do a lot of “behind the label” things to ensure the quality of our products.


Additionally, we do not sell expired product or pollute the environment with hazardous waste materials through improper disposal. Instead we send it away for proper disposal as regulated by our local government. All of these steps add up to producing a truly exceptional, one of a kind product that we can be proud to call Baker White Premium Nicotine Solutions.